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Making Money != Starting a Business

Today is my birthday.

(That really isn’t relevant, but it seemed like a good way to open today’s blog post.)

The other day I ran across an article in the current issue of Inc. Magazine (thanks to Ryan Healy for mentioning the article so I would take a look at it). Last night I finally got around to pulling up the article online and to reading it through this morning.

The article caught my eye because it is by Jason Fried of highly successful 37signals, but it kept my attention because he starts off early on in the article by stating a principle I’ve long held (in fact I based the founding of the IT Consulting Success Strategies community upon it). Jason states it like this: Continue reading Making Money != Starting a Business

Nifty Tool for Gmail Users: Rapportive

I started using a nifty tool around a year ago call Rapportive. It works with Gmail.

Rapportive shows you information about your contacts — collected from social networking sites like and — adjacent to the body of their email message. If gives you at-a-glance visibility into their professional and social networking details, without requiring you to collect and/or look it up. Continue reading Nifty Tool for Gmail Users: Rapportive